Team / FAQ

Tak Nakamine Midori Iwamoto
Anderson Ramalho
Director Communicator Supervisor


Q: What kind of cryptocurrency is Kirishitan Kingdom on?

A: We mainly use Polygon (MATIC) for 2 reasons. Polygon is much more eco-friendly than some of the other cryptocurrencies. Also the cost of transaction is much cheaper.


Q: Why do you choose Kirishitan Kingdom over other NFTs?

A: Kirishitan Kingdom is an NFT with a solid purpose, based on a firm foundation and God given missions. It’s born from, and supported by, the music world of Imari Tones, the first ever Christian metal band from Japan. They are known for their dedication and steady activity in the world of independent music. We will carry on with this mission and won’t give up. The supporters of Kirishitan Kingdom are a group of people who are passionate about Art, Culture, and Faith. Together we will build a powerful community that can change the world.

Q: Do I have to be Christian to join the Kirishitan Kingdom?

A: No, you don’t. Anyone who believes in the possibility of Kirishitan Kingdom can join our nation and community. It’s an NFT community for those people who are interested in Japanese culture, history, faith, and good causes.

Q: What type of Christianity does Kirishitan Kingdom support?

A: Technically speaking, those “Kirishitans” in Japanese history were Roman Catholics. But the most of our team members are actually Protestant Christians. We don’t specify any denomination here in Kirishitan Kingdom, because we believe there is no denomination in Heaven. However, we definitely will stay away from cult religions. And we stay away from Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unification Church, and Latter-day Saints. (Sorry dudes).
For our music concerts, we will do our best not to employ any kind of idol worship stuff that is actually rampant in the secular music world.

Q: I know a very good Gospel/Christian artist/band. Is it possible for them to join the Kirishitan Kingdom?

A: As noted above, the Kirishitan Kingdom was born from the faith and music of a Japanese band called Imari Tones. However, it’s totally possible we will have some other artists on board, whether it’s one time performance or longer involvement. It’s all about growing community. And we want to let it grow.