The Rituals

Our Kingdom is driven by Music, Faith, and Good Causes

Samurai Worship Music

Kirishitan Kingdom is an imaginary nation floating in a space known as the Metaverse.
Because it’s a nation based on Faith, it needs rituals to worship God.

Fortunately, we already know the right musicians to perform this task.
They are called Imari Tones (伊万里音色)
They will be the Priests to perform the musical rituals that keep the Kingdom going.

Imari Tones is a Christian heavy metal band from Japan that play Christian music based on Japanese culture and tradition. Their Japanese flavored rock music is an exact match for our Christian Samurais.

Or should we say that another way:
Actually this “Kirishitan Kingdom” was created based on one of their songs.

As the Kingdom moves forward, we are planning to invite other Christian/Gospel artists to perform in the role of “Priests”.

The Rituals: Metaverse Concerts

With this Kirishitan Kingdom, we offer “The Rituals”: Metaverse concerts performed by Imari Tones and other Christian musicians.

Not only will they be awesome, we also want to make them “historic”.
Because there is virtually no limit in the Metaverse, we can offer you concerts that are impossible in the real world.

You want to see a concert in Budokan, the famous Tokyo venue?
We can give you something more.
We will play a concert ABOVE Budokan, looking down Tokyo city and the imperial palace. A concert in the sky. It will be a victorious moment for Christian Samurais.

In the Metaverse we are not bound by place and location.
We can play a worship concert at the top of Mt.Fuji, if we want.

We are not bound by time either.
What if we go back in time and play a concert in the midst of Samurai battles?

Shall we go to Shimabara in 1638, where the biggest Christian rebellion was happening, and change the history?

Or shall we visit 8th century Kyoto, ancient Japanese capital city, and worship Jesus with the mysterious “Hata-clan” that are considered to be descendants of the Israelites?

The sky is the limit, and all of these events will be historic moments for the Kirishitan Kingdom.

We encourage you to join and not to miss out!!


To make sure we can offer the most awesome Metaverse experience to our citizens, we have teamed up with Anifie.

Anifie is a forerunner company in Metaverse concert apps, offering unparalleled musical experience and hosting many concerts by high profile artists in the world of post-pandemic era.