Benefits & Visions

Benefits of owning a Samurai & Hime

  • You will be a “Kirishitan” and become a citizen of the Kingdom

  • You will be a member of a community that is passionate about the Christian missions in Japan, and other unreached places.

  • You will obtain a citizenship of the Kirishitan Kingdom, and you will be eligible to vote, and to propose projects.

  • You will be able to participate in “The Rituals”, the Metaverse concerts performed on Anifie.

  • You will be able to participate in real world events with special offers.

  • You will be able to receive the next generation Samurais / Himes.


These are some of the goals that will be possible within the Kirishitan Kingdom.

Please remember they are all the ideas and decisions of our citizens. Community is power and the possibilities are endless.

Metaverse Concerts

Concert at a Japanese castle

Concert above Mt.Fuji

Concert in the Tokyo sky above Budokan and the Imperial Palace

Donations / Auctions

Donations to preserve the world heritage sites of Hidden Christians in Nagasaki.

Donations to support children in Myanmar.

Donations to support the churches in Japan.

Art / Music

Making an album dedicated to Kirishitan Kingdom

Creating artworks dedicated to ancient Kirishitans.

Creating public pop artworks to tell people about Christianity.

Real World Events

Making physical items such as T-shirts, hats etc.

Real world gatherings and a Gospel concert in Tokyo.

Real world gatherings and a Gospel concert in New York City.

Key Information

Release Date TBA
Total number of tokens 10,000
Token withheld 500
Price per token at minting TBA
Royalty fees 10%
Giving Back 20% is used for the development of the community and 80% goes to the Kingdom Team for building, maintaining and marketing for Kirishitan Kingdom. We use 500 rarities NFTs for charity purpose.
Token type  
File hosting  
Number of traits  
Minimum number of traits  
Number of attributes  
Smart Contract